*WEEKLY TOP TIP*- Colourful Essays

colourful essaysThis tip was shared by LCL!

You will need:

– An essay question!
– Marking criteria (broken down into areas- colour coded)

How it works:

By colour coding their answers, students can see clearly what they aren’t doing.  It’s also helpful when you come to mark the work as you can see what colours are missing. But also if they are really clear on what each of the requirements is – if they are colouring the wrong thing, perhaps they aren’t clear on exactly what is expected of them.

LCL tends to provide students with the elements one at a time rather than all at once – leads to some guessing what the next colour will stand for.  The final part of the lesson involves them using a purple pen to make improvements.

See the picture at the top for an example of a colour coded essay.


Idea shared by LCL, thank you!


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