Retrieval Practice Challenge


retrieval practice grid

You will need:

  • a retrieval practice challenge grid created with questions from:
    • 1, 2, 3 or 4 lessons ago
    • This, last or previous topics


How it works:

Pupils are instructed to answer questions from the grid to get a certain number of points. The more recently you did the topics, the lower the point value and the topics you covered less recently are worth more points.

This is a fantastic recall starter or plenary and allows pupils to interleave older topics with more new and recent ones.



Pupils devise the questions with points value for future lessons?

Keep a running total of scores and get pupils to achieve a much higher score over a few months or a year?



CSY resource- Retrieval Practice Challenge Grid – Top Tip

Idea shared by CSY

Shared on Twitter by @87history


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