Feedback Meters!

This idea was piloted by @MsBirkett237 on Twitter and shared by @ASTSupportaali but adapted to meet the marking criteria of an A Level PE exam question.

You will need:

– The feedback meter template, edited to suit your subject or topic

– A highlighter

– A piece of work to mark…!

How it works:

  • When marking a piece of work, use the feedback meters to highlight where pupils’ strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • In the examples above, If a pupil shows strength in their subject knowledge, that feedback meter will be well coloured, however if they struggled with the critical evaluation then this would be demonstrated by the lack of colour in this section.
  • This gives the pupils visual feedback of their work and clear EBI’s to work on for next time.


– Pupils can have a copy themselves and can evaluate their performance before having their work marked.

– Could be linked to PLC’s as well!

– Add another section in for an MRI or a section to expand your feedback for WWW’s


Idea adapted and shared by MLE



Feedback meter- MLE Edit

Skill Meters Literature and poetry

Skill meters- ENGLISH LIT


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