Key Word Challenge!

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You will need:

A list of key words

An opportunity in the lesson- starter, mini plenary or just a final plenary!


How it works

1) Put a list of key words from your topic on the board- also add some connectives, sentence starters if need be or any words that may assist your class

2) Give the pupils a set time challenge of writing a paragraph including AS MANY of the key words as possible. The sentences must make sense, they need to be relevant to the topic and not just a list of key words in a row!

3) Set a grade boundary for using a certain number of KEY WORDS in their paragraph and reward pupils for however many they use.
10 KEY WORDS= 1 merit
15-20 KEY WORDS= 2 merits
20+ KEY WORDS= 3 merits
(For example)


1) Get pupils to share their paragraphs and their peer HIGHLIGHTS the key words in the sentences.

2) Set word limits for certain target grades- stretch and challenge

Idea shared by MLE



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