Scrabble Board Game

You will need:

  • The Scrabble letters work sheet (kindly donated by TST) found here –> Scrabble
  • Learning objectives or key words delivered throughout the lesson- obviously!


How it work:

As a plenary activity, show the pupils the scrabble letter values from the attached document and ask them create the highest value word based on a key word from the lesson. The higher the value, the better the word!

Alternatively, as the sheet suggests, ask pupils to find the value of a key word in the learning objectives!

Fantastic way to get pupils thinking and engaged as well as using numeracy in the classroom!



-Tell the pupils the VALUE of the word you want them to find- makes life trickier for the pupils!
-USE AS A STARTER- Get pupils to find a word from last lesson using the tiles!
-Limit the number of tiles someone can use (in scrabble, the maximum you can have is 7)
-Keep a running tally of scores if you do this regularly! Pupils will love a competition!


Thank you TST for sharing this idea!


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