Post-it Challenge **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

Postit notes

You will need:

– Post-it notes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes (depending on the varied activities you deliver…)

How it works:

Numerous ways to make learning FUN and colourful!

1. Peer and assessment – use one coloured Post-It note for an EBI  and one colour for a what went well. These can all go up on a dedicated board or wall so when students have to write improvements and get stuck they can use the ‘Post-It Wall of Inspiration’ to assist them.

2. The TARGET setting Post-It challenge – good one for when students are working independently but you need to be able to assess progress. Students have to write out what their target/targets are to achieve in that lesson and place Post-It note in front of their desk (teacher can check that targets are stretching once this has been completed). At the end of the lesson a progress check can be made and those that did not meet their target stick their Post-It on the ‘Wall of Doom’ and completion of this target becomes homework and checked at the start of the following lesson. This can be stretched over several lessons.

3. Exam assessment criteria check – tiny Post-It challenge – students can identify elements of their own/others work and identify which assessment objectives have been met in the work they are reviewing. This really helps to Improve understanding and identifies gaps in pupils learning.

4. Finding partners in crime – depending on whether Tiger (the everything and anything shop) has a sale on multi coloured Post-It- student can partner up depending on how many of the same coloured Post-It notes they have to help expanding ideas  – for example – what type of learner are you? – Who has not covered A01 sufficiently? – Preference for multi -media work?. The idea being that the student’s create the environment for building their own ideas. It will also show if areas need more teacher lead intervention.

5. Homework vote (helps more so if there is an edible prize) – students have to vote on one piece of homework with their post stick note BUT they have to say what specifically the student did to meet the success criteria that made them award them the vote. Student with the most votes wins a prize and most insightful post stick note owner also gets a prize.


These Post-It ideas are fun, engaging and really diverse. You could have a lot of fun using these and hopefully the pupils will to! Please do let me know if you are successful with these tips!


Ideas shared by JMD- awesome. thank you!



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