Takeaway Homework **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need:

  • Premade homework ‘menus’
  • A set challenge for the number of homework’s to complete


How it works:

Pupils can tailor their homework tasks to meet their needs by selecting from a variety of homeworks from the ‘menu’. Each homework has a set value in terms of difficulty or timescale (in the example attached, the scale is chilli’s). Pupils complete the homework and are awarded the number of chilli’s the homework was worth. Your job as a teacher is to tally up the chilli’s awarded and consider a reward for their success (…oh and mark the work!)

Attached is also a ‘student lesson plan’ and a ‘student reflection plan’, which are both referred to in the menu. Some great additional tasks to set and good for revision!



  1. Pupils could design their own homework’s and set the value!
  2. Set the pupils a challenge of completing a ‘1 chilli, 2 chilli and 3 chilli’ homework

Idea shared by CPR. THANKS!


Reflection plan

Student Lesson Plan

Takeaway homework A4 version


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