Emotional Marking!

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You will need:

  • An essay/ piece of extended writing from your class
  • Exam answers


How it works:

The process of emotional marking involves students writing an essay then the next day going back through it and writing a commentary of their thought processes while they were writing.

For example they might write next to a paragraph ‘really confident with this point so I’ve put it first’ or ‘tried to link to theory here but not sure if it’s enough’.

It’s a really useful feedback tool to see if students are thinking the same as us in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and writing technique. SCV has only used it for essays but it would work equally well with exam answers.

Such a good technique to help pupils develop their answer for future essays/ exam questions.



  • Flip the scenario- get the pupils to write an emotional essay how they would approach the question/ essay.
  • Can their peers mark emotionally for them? Do their peers understand their thought process? If not, will an examiner?

Idea shared by SCV- great idea! Thank you!


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