‘Scaffolding the edges of the room’

At primary, students tend to be given lots of supportive worksheets.  It can seem as though the bulk of their work is already done, and that they are fleshing out writing frames and other templates that have been pre-written.
At secondary school, we need to encourage students to be independent without withdrawing all support from the most vulnerable.

One way to achieve this is to distribute sentence starters/other written templates on windowsills, in corners of the room, and in other strategic places – especially as opposed to taking it straight to them at their desks.

If we tell students ‘there is help available but only if you really need it’, they have to make a conscious decision to get up and take the help.  This simple act can sometimes prompt students to try to manage on their own.  Either way, you will not be delivering aids and frames directly into the hands of the most capable students.

Tip shared by KDI- thank you!

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