Silent Demonstrations **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need

Your usual demonstrations, nothing special!


How it works

‘A picture paints a 1000 words’ is a famous English idiom but it is so useful in teaching!

The tips is essentially demonstrating something (a program/equation/practical task) in silence without the teacher talking or the students asking questions.
It helps students actually look at what you are doing instead of having too much information thrown at them when you speak, somebody asks questions, another person interrupts or puts their hand up etc.
Having pupils concentrate on the demonstration is so valuable when it comes to replicating it! This is excellent for PE, D&T as well as Science and Art but could be easily transferred to Maths and English as well!
Try getting pupils to demonstrate to their peers in silence
If a class is struggling, put a question quota in! Maximum of 3 questions in through the demo- are they valuable enough to really ask?
Idea shared by PDO- thank you!

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