Beat the Teacher **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need:

  • A prepared paragraph/ set of statements relevant to the current topic or previous topic taught
  • A way of presenting these ideas- printed/ projector


How it works

  • Create a paragraph or a series of statements with mistakes in! ADA uses 12 mistakes in his- 6x grammar and spelling/ literacy related and 6x content/ subject related.
  • Pupils work in groups/ individually/ in pairs to correct the mistakes and the groups with the most correct corrections wins!
  • This is a great way of reinforcing knowledge from previous lessons and ticking that literacy box as well!



  • Pupils could have a whiteboard pen and come up and correct the mistakes on the board
  • Pupils would work in two teams to beat each other, checking in with you as the teacher to see how many correct they have at different times!
  • Use statements for lower ability groups
  • Increase the difficulty of grammar in your paragraphs to stretch the higher ability learners


Great competitive and exciting tip shared by ADA! Thank you!


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