Walking, Talking Mock **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need:

An exam paper

A mark scheme


How it works:

The idea of this top tip is to prepare students for an exam as well as guide them through the wording, the question styles and the timings that a successful exam requires.

  1. Set your room out in the style of an exam hall to really get them into the exam mood!
  2. Give pupils an exam question/ paper/ section
  3. Guide pupils through the exam questions talking though the questions, key words, techniques and timings for that question (plus anything that is required to succeed with that question
  4. When the guidance has been given, allow the pupils the allowed time to answer the question.

This gives pupils the most CLEAR understanding of how to answer an exam question from the professionals (that’ll be us…!)



  • Give pupils the question first, allow them only the time, mark them and THEN go through a successful technique
  • Go one step further and MARK the exam questions after- this will give the pupils an understanding of what a mark scheme looks like and what an examiner wants to see!


Idea shared by JWE. Excellent idea!


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