Peer Report Review **WEEKLY TOP TIP**



You will need:

Pupils reports

Confidence in your group to know they will do this sensibly!


How it works:

Pupils evaluate their reports and focus on their areas for improvement

After, they work with a class peer (someone who will be honest and not rude but who is in class with them) and they evaluate their peers report and overall school performance . They need to answer the follow questions or similar:

  1. What are your partners strengths?
  2. What are their areas of improvement based on their report alone?
  3. What are their areas for improvement based on how they are during lessons?
  4. How could they improve/ further enhance their report? Set a goal!

This will encourage pupils to firstly listen to their peers but will also paint a picture of how they come across to the rest of the class.

I did this with my form last year before LRD and the information they got back was very eyeopening. Some examples were:

  • “You misbehave a lot during RE and this is quite distracting, even to me”
  • “You are always talking to your neighbour, all the time!”
  • “I didn’t even know you were in my class, you don’t really participate!”
  • “You need to put your hand up more and answer questions, you’re really clever!”


Give it a go, it’s a great idea BUT only if your group are capable of doing this sensibly!


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