Famous Five **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


What you need

Space on your board to display a list of 5 names


How it works

Have a small section of your board that is titled ‘Famous Five’. The first five students to come in, (quietly!), get equipment and everything ready, have the LO/date/margin written in, AND to have started on the starter, will be ‘famous’. Their names are written up in the section on the board. It works especially well when you only have four names written up and there’s one space left; they’re all fighting for it!
Those five students earn the right leave the room first. All other students are dismissed when all equipment is packed up and their areas are tidy and they are quiet.
Try NOT telling your class what the section of the board is fore (this will only work once…) and see how they react/ how long it takes for them to work out!
Offer alternative rewards when to keep pupils engaged!
Idea shared by LTE in maths….THANK YOU!

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