Viewers and Listeners




Nothing special- just your normal presentation
(Possibly a sheet to fill in to assist)

How It Works

In pairs in your class, one pupil will become the viewer and one will become the listener. Make sure only the VIEWER can see the board and the listener has their back to it

The teacher then displays information on the board.
The ‘viewer’ has a limited time to read and understand this information before it is removed from the board.
The viewer then has to explain this information in their own words to the ‘listener’!
Both students must now write down their notes.

The viewer and listener should not write until the teacher says so.
When the viewer is reading they must try to understand the information rather than memorising it.

This activity helps to ensure pupils UNDERSTAND a concept rather than just writing it down!

Ensure after each viewing and listening- teacher reviews what was shared- check for understanding- get other groups to add more information if need be.


This can be done with images, equations or quotes

You can also BAN words to say to make it harder to describe OR include a list of KEY WORDS that must be said.

Idea shared from The Bulmershe Toolkit


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