PPPB-Pose, Pause, Pounce, Bounce!

You will need:

– questions to pose to your class- differentiated using blooms taxonomy

– a method of posing questions to your class….however that may be

How it works:

This is an age old tip and works every time to allow pupils to really think about their answer before just throwing up all knowledge they have on the topic of the question!!

Pose a question to the class, a pupil or a group. Allow the pupils to really think about the question you’ve asked. Then pounce on a pupil for answer. This will fully engage the class as they could easily be the one who is pounced on. If the pupil struggles to answer or you think there is more to get, pupils can bounce the question to a peer. This will help develop knowledge and confidence in the class. Definitely worth a go!


– get the pupils to PPPB to their peers, not just from you.

– reward pupils for answering ‘bounce questions’


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