Revelation envelopes! **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:

  • Mock papers/ milestone tests/ mini tests etc. marked and ready to be returned
  • A4 or A5 envelopes for each pupil’s test paper


How it works:

– Pupils receive their envelope at the start of the lesson with their exam paper sealed inside.

– I get my pupils to split the front of the envelope into four sections. Each section is then labelled into the following:

  • WHAT I DESERVE (based on how much revision/ how hard I tried)
  • WHAT I AM EXPECTING (based on how well the exam went in my eyes/ how well I answered the questions)
  • WHAT I WANT (overall desired grade for that exam….preferably a B or an A/A*)

– Pupils will then fill in the respective boxes with grades that they believe are accurate to the title of the box.

– The forth box on the envelope is reserved for the emotion when the envelope is open. I ask pupils to add an emoji into that box based on how they feel with their grade. Some draw BIG smiles and some draw crying faces. This helps them realise how it may feel if they did little work for their actual exam.

– The group then fill out a WWW and EBI for the exam to evaluate their performance

– This works excellently with KS4 groups and gives them the feel of exam results day too!



– Depending on how well the group know each other, this could be done as peer task

– Go through the paper during the lesson without letting the pupils open their envelopes and see if they wish to CHANGE their grade based on the actual answers to the papers

Idea shared by MLE.


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