Broken Down Questions

You will need:
Exam questions (more specifically longer answer questions- this style of question is what the tip is aimed at!)
A3 or A2 sheets of paper (but can be done on A4 individually!)
How it works:
This can be done as group or individual activity! Have 3 or 4 questions prepared(depending on group size). Split the sheet of paper (whatever size pleases you…) into columns. Gordon Read, the brains behind the idea, split his into 4 columns: KEY WORDS, DEFINITIONS OF KEY WORDS, POSITIVES and NEGATIVES. The question in the example was a ‘discuss’ question so required both sides of the argument.
The task is then for pupils to work on their given question by putting down all KEY WORDS that you’d expect to see in the question. The next group would then DEFINE the key words and then the next group would list the positives and the final group list the negatives! This will in turn allow pupils to have a greater UNDERSTANDING of what is required in that question!
Finally, the question makes it back to the original group who can then write a comprehensive answer if you so desire.
– give pupils topics rather than exam questions- still useful!
– use this as their answer, saving time and introducing a way of planning in the exam
Idea shared by GRE. Excellent for KS4 and 5!

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