Connect 4’s-**WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:
KEY words from your topics. Arrange them randomly across a board like above
How it works:
Pupils have to work out what categories the words fall into and HOW they link. For example, using the picture above, one group of connected words are; ‘Wrench, Ratchet, Socket and Pliers’. Their category could be tools!
You can create an interactive version of this game here
For a competitive game, Pupils can get a point per correct grouping and then an additional bonus point for the correct connection!
This is a FANTASTIC way to start a lesson and a great way to reinforce the terminology and revise before tests/ exams!
Give pupils the DEFINITIONS to words and get them to write they key words BEFORE they group them
Get pupils to create their own and share with each other!
Idea shared by IBA- thank you!!!

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