Differentiation and Assessment **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:
– Assessment criteria
– Optional laminated cards to show assessment (alternatively use sheets in pupils books…)

How it works:

Students have a guide during their cooking lessons  covering the assessment criteria (grades for that task) to help lower ability and to stretch higher ability. This guide helps them to come up with meaningful WWW and EBI and to critically self assess their practical work and strive to improve.

The WWW and EBI are photographed with the finished product as evidence of evaluating. During the next theory lesson, the score is recorded in the students workbook along with a proficiency record of key skills in cooking. This is an effective way to help and stretch in cooking lessons, which could be used in other practical subjects


Get pupils to assess each others work using the same criteria. They can then write their peers a WWW and an EBI.

Idea shared by JDT. Excellent idea!


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