You will need:

  • An exam question, answered by YOU!
  • The mark scheme to that exam question!


How it works

Hand the pupils an exam question written by you. You can either get top marks, middle marks or bottom marks, depending on your chosen outcome.

Get the pupils to mark the question! Get them to HIGHLIGHT where each mark, in their opinion, would be gained.

Once they have completed this, get them to look over the mark scheme and see what they have got right or what they have missed. Highlight missed marks in a different colour!

Finally, get them to write WWW and EBI’s for your answer based on what was included and what was missed!



  • DON’T TELL THEM THE QUESTION! Get the pupils to try and work out the question based on your answer!
  • Team marking (wouldn’t we all love this…). Put pupils in groups to mark the questions
  • Finally, if pupils are of a lower ability, tell them what band of answer you’ve given them (Top, Mid, Bottom) and that will help them out!


Idea shared by MLE


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