Table Learning Objectives **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:

  • Your lesson/ learning objectives printed on A3 or A4 paper- enough for one per table in your class or one per group if you are doing group work! Leave enough space around each LO for pupils to write.


How it works:

AS your lesson progresses, get the pupils to sign their initials/ name/ signature when they believe they have achieved each learning objective. Once you see names on the paper, you can direct your questioning to see if pupils have achieved that LO and if they are able to answer, they successfully met the criteria for that LO.



  • For higher ability groups, DO NOT prompt the pupils during the lesson. Give them the opportunity to see if they can gauge their own learning and progression
  • For the lower ability groups, give them moments in the lesson/ slides in your PPT that offer the opportunity to revise their learning and see if they have met any objectives!


A very SIMPLE idea but extremely effective in seeing who has made PROGRESS in your lessons!

Idea shared by MLE



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