Question Tax **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

This is a great way to get pupils to ask each other questions and avoid them just asking you for answers!!! This is a guest post from @ASTsupportAAli, many thanks!


You will need:

  • some sort of currency- Post-It notes are always good but Poundland sell cheap plastic coins…?
  • An array of questions throughout your lessons for pupils to answer.


How it works

The concept behind this tip is for pupils to make themselves as rich as possible in the respective currency of your lessons (whether that be Post-Its or coins or paper clips! For the purpose of this description, I will use coins as currency!

Pupils are given 3 coins and have to accumulate as MANY as possible by the end of the lesson. They do this by ANSWERING each others questions! Once a pupils answers a peers question, they receive one of their peers’ coins. If a pupil asks you a question, they have to pay you for the answer.

Also, pupils must pay for resources. If they require an iPad, computer, text book (if not used in the lesson) or any other form of resource, they must hand over one coin for each resource.

This really encourages pupils to work independently and to engage with each other and avoid relying on you every lesson!



  • As a variation, instead of pupils losing a coin when they ask peers questions, give more coins out to those who answer the questions- this way nobody will be poor and this will work with lower ability groups
  • The more coins pupils have, the easier- great way to differentiate!
  • Give VALUES to different difficulty of questions! The harder the questions, the more money they are worth!
  • Finally, PAY students to answer YOUR questions!

Give it a go! I am sure it will be very successful! Let me know how you get on!


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