Brain, Book, Buddy, Boss!

This is an old tip, which has done the rounds but still a FANTASTIC tool for independent learning!


You will need:

  • Very little- a poster reminding pupils of the order is always nice!
  • Questions and tasks throughout your lessons!


How it works

Similar to the 3 Before Me (3b4me) **WEEKLY TOP TIP** that was posted a few weeks ago, this tip is designed to get pupils to work independent of you and find answers to their questions elsewhere!

They should firstly USE THEIR BRAIN!

If this fails….Pupils can refer to their BOOKSfor help and answers to their questions

If they are STILL unable to find the answer to their question, they can ask a BUDDY in the class to help them out

BUT failing all of those three avenues, they can come to you, THE BOSS for their questioning needs. Ensure they have tried all the other three approaches by questioning their route!



  • Set a time limit on each section- for example pupils must ONLY use their BRAIN for the first 2 minutes and if they STRUGGLE, they need to devise questions to ask their buddy when that time limit comes around
  • Award pupils for using the system- if they are able to use just 1 or 2, they can get a reward. The less they use, the more the reward?

Idea shared by MILLIONS across the teaching profession- but uploaded by MLE!


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