Question Grids **WEEKLY TOP TIPS**

question grid

This is a FANTASTIC way to differentiate questioning to stretch and challenge your most able pupils or simplify questions for your lower able pupils!



  • A copy of a questioning grid, found at the bottom of this post!


How it works

Use the colour coordinated grid to work design questions to ask the pupils in your class! Simple, lower order questions are highlighted in red and the more challenging, higher order questions are highlighted in green- ideally this is where we want to be with regards to top questions!

The questions in the yellow boxes are slightly more extended for a bit of a challenge but pose less of an issue for pupils than the green!

This is a FANTASTIC tool to help with questioning and can really improve the way pupils think and approach question in the future!



  • Get pupils to create their own questions for their peers using this grid displayed on your board


  • Set pupils challenges to as YOU questions from the grid, where they know the answers!


  • Place an award in each box to see if pupils can achieve different levels of questioning!

Idea shared by JHA



PPT= Questionning Grid


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