Narrated Wait Time **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


This is a tip from Doug Lemov’s book Teach Like a Champion which we discussed in our CPD book group.


You will need: 



How it works:

The idea is to give enough thinking time to students when asking a question with two aims:

– Give students more time to THINK about a question you have asked

– Encourage MORE students to engage in answering questions

Research shows that with 3-5 seconds wait time students are more likely to:

– more students will offer correct responses

– increase the number of volunteers

– decrease the number of people who say “I don’t know”

Lemov offers the following prompts as a “narration” to use while waiting for a response.

1. “I’m waiting for more hands.”

2. “I’d like to see at least fifteen hands before we hear an answer.”

3. “I’m waiting for someone who can connect this scene to another play, ideally


4. “I’m going to give everyone lots of time because this question is tricky. Your

first answer may not be the best.”

5. “I’m seeing people thinking deeply and jotting down thoughts. I’ll give

everyone a few more seconds to do that.”

6. “I’m seeing people going back to the chapter to see if they can find the scene.

That seems like a great idea.”

7. “I’m looking for someone who’s pointing to the place in the passage where

you can find the answer.”

8. “I’ll start taking answers is ten seconds.”

9. “I’m starting to see more hands now. Four, five, seven. Great. People are

really starting to get comfortable taking a risk here.”


Idea shared by IBA


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