Loyalty Cards **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need:

  • Remade loyalty cards for pupils to fill in
  • Criteria for success in your lesson (LO’s/ focus of lesson/ questions)


How It Works

Pupils are given a loyalty card at the start of term/ topic/ lesson or whatever takes your fancy!

As pupils meet the criteria on your loyalty card, they get ticked/ stamped/ hole punched and a full card gets a reward of your choice! Often it will be merits but can be tangible rewards if you really want pupils to work hard!!!

This is a FANTASTIC Behaviour for Learning technique too and keeps those tricky little ones on task to earn rewards!


  • Try offering up to 4 categories for success with your lower ability classes and only 1 for your more able pupils!
  • Rank your tasks as to how many stamps pupils could earn. This will help stretch and challenge the most able to fill their cards as soon as possible!

Give it a go and see what you think!!!
Idea shared by MLE


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