Self Assessment Homeworks **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:
An exam question / questions.
A mark scheme / model answer.
Space for student to write their own ‘WWW’ and ‘EBI’/ 3 things to remember.
Make sure that the sheet is titled with “self assessment” so when SLT look at you books they know what it is.
Consider putting it onto a coloured sheet (we use yellow).
How it works
You set the question. They do all the work!
They answer the question. Mark it. Add corrections (ideally in purple) and then write a WWW / EBI.
It’s that simple and will save you some marking too!
We have homework’s that are differentiated for our sets. You could have 2/3 different question sheets or have your less able just answer part of it.
You could put rewards on how much pupils complete. If they complete all the work, they receive 2 merits or if they complete half the work they earn just one merit.
Idea shared by RKE

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