Progress Poster **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:

A sheet of paper per student. I like A3 as it sits  proud on the desk in front of them!!!
A topic area to cover/ exam question/ image etc.
A few coloured pens if possible!

How it works

  1. Pupils are given their topic area or lesson content and are asked to write down on an A3 sheet of paper WHAT THEY KNOW about this topic already! What comes to mind? What key words do they think of when they hear this topic area?
  2. You then deliver the first part of your lesson. Pupils take notes or complete the tasks you plan and then you do a mini-plenary, where pupils add more knowledge to their posters IN A DIFFERENT COLOUR!
  3. Finally, you deliver the rest of the content and the pupils then add MORE detail to their posters in a THIRD COLOUR

It is a great way to demonstrate progress in a lesson observation and “they who shall not be named” (the big O) love to see that! You should see less of your 1st colour and more of your last colour!!!


Use this to break down an exam question! Instead of a topic area, give pupils an exam Q in the middle of their page and progressively answer the question

Leave A3 sheets on specific tables and get pupils to rotate around and add to peers’ spider diagrams or exam Q’s


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