What I Know…**WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need:

To divide your board into three sections
– What I know
– What I have forgotten
– What I want to know

Get the pupils to do the same in their books at the start of a topic!

How it works

Give students a topic / skills and ask them to work in groups on what they know.

You then do a class correction covering all three sections and this information down on the board. The students choose to write down the information in the sections if it is relevant to them.

Ensure that:
– all groups come up with something in the ‘what I know’ section
– you mention things that you know have been taught but expect it might have been forgotten by some of the students
– you have new things for everybody including your more able students so that it is not just a revision sessions for them but there is something to challenge them
This will give pupils an understanding of the direction their learning should go in. It will focus them to work towards clearing their ‘What I want to know…’ section!
– Try using this skill at the END of a section as a recap or revision tool! Have students forgotten anything? Do they STILL want to further their learning?
– Use the ‘What I know’ section as a mini starter test. Get pupils to test their peers using that section! Do they really know?!?
– Next to the ‘What I have forgotten’ and ‘ What I want to know’ statements, put a tick box. IF pupils can tick them off during the topic, progress has been made!!!
Idea shared by ACO. Excellent idea!!!

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