Washing Line **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need

  •  Some string, pegs, imagination!
  • Maybe some pre-prepared labels to peg on
  • A talking point related to your topic to stimulate discussion
  • Maybe some pupils’ work

How it works

 Hang a piece of string along a wall or from the ceiling in your room. Or even more than one! Great for any activity that calls for ordering of any type:

  • ​size order 
  • alphabetical order
  • chronological order
  • order of importance 
  • tense order (thinking of languages)

Students can peg up their labels or ideas in the order called for. The class can discuss and adjust if agreed. Great for having a go and removing fear of mistakes. Great for kinaesthetic learners and engagement


Use to provoke comment by pegging up an item of interest: I have some mathematical garments!

Use to quickly display and celebrate students’ work

Idea shared by AEV. Excellent animated idea!


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