I wonder…- **WEEKLY TOP TIP**


You will need:

Board Pen


Example video/picture/equation etc.
How it works

The point of this task is to help students understand that it is new information for everybody.
Ask the students to look at the video/picture/equation


Ask them to identify what they notice

e.g. I notice that the rugby player always throws the ball backwards

I notice that the equation uses letters

I notice that the main colour is blue?


Ask them to identify what they wonder
e.g. I wonder if the rugby player throws the ball back because that is in the rules?

I wonder if the letters in the equation mean anything?

I wonder why the artist chose to use blue?

How it helps the teacher

This exercise reassures the nervous students that everybody is in the same position!

The information can be used to inform the entire rest of the lesson or even topic of work!

If you redo this at the end of your lesson or topic area, you will hopefully get different responses and more detailed answers!


Create a worksheet for pupils to fill in cross referencing the ‘WONDER’ and the ‘NOTICE’ columns.

Stretch and challenge by adding an ALREADY KNOW column to see what background knowledge pupils have.

Idea shared by PDO- very entertaining pitch!


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