Help Cards or Help Envelopes- From Differentiation CPD


You Will Need:

To create envelopes or cards with useful information to help students complete a task

Place them somewhere pupils can access them by themselves, maybe near your CHALLENGE BOARDS

How it works

Quick to create, these help envelopes or cards provide additional information, mark schemes, or exemplar work for students to use if they get stuck when completing a task.  However the challenge is to try and go as long as possible without using the help cards to encourage students to be a  bit more resilient and try several approaches to problem solving first. It is down to the students to decide if they require assistance! Wonderful tool for independent learning and building resilience!


Get your more able students to be the ones who create the resources for other help envelopes in the first place!

You could level the help available in the envelopes or cards so students could try the lightest help first to see if they need more.

Rewards pupils for their level of help on completion of their work:
– No help= 3 merits
– Level 1 Help= 2 merits
– Level 2 help= 1 merit

Idea shared by JHA- thank you very much!!!


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