Crowd Sourcing- From Differentiation CPD

You will need

Lesson resources for pupils to discuss

How it works

A picture or other simple visual or audio stimulus is presented to pupils and they are then asked what they think is going on e.g. a picture of the trenches in World War One, or a rainfall graph etc.

Based on the discussion that emerges from students’ prior knowledge, information will be shared between students at varying levels.

Some students will only be able to access the simple stimulus material (the literal depiction of the picture, for example) but by listening to knowledge of other students, they will adapt their own initial thoughts and potentially further develop their understanding. It also provides challenge because more able students are able to make links between the initial stimulus and their own knowledge, potentially in ways they have not thought of previously.


Offer different levels of stimulus to pupils with varying attainment levels. This will aid discussion for lower ability pupils but will also help to stretch and challenge your top end students

Get pupils to share and present their ideas on a picture of stimulus with the whole class (or even better get a lower level learner to express what they NOW know about the stimulus)

Nominate EXPERTS for your tasks too- they can guide the lower ability learners. Limit what they are allowed to say or give them a list of banned words to help them develop their vocabulary!

Idea shared by JHA- many thanks!!!


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