Choice of Task- From Differentiation CPD

You will need:

A variety of ways for pupils to present their work

Potentially some examples to guide the more visual learners

How it works

Allow students to choose how they present the final version of their work.  This could either be done through different forms of writing, or could stretch to more adventurous formats such as debate, artwork, computer generated graphics, stop animations, film etc. By stipulating the content but not the process, students are able to choose a format in which they know they have strength, or an interest in development. It also helps provides challenge because all students are able to push themselves to try transforming their ideas into a new format.


Try offering your MORE able pupils 3 CHALLENGING formats to express their work in

For each task they do, give them a check list of different styles to try and complete. That way, they will know what works BEST for them!

Idea shared by JHA- excellent idea!


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