Challenge Corner **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

 You will need:

A corner of your room designated as the “Challenge Corner” – make sure it’s somewhere accessible and label it accordingly.

You will need relevant challenging worksheets updated in your corner. I recommend changing or updating your challenges once a week to keep them fresh but you may also change them in accordance with your topics!

How It Works

If a pupil finishes their work or you would like to pick them out for a differentiated task you can ask them to visit ‘Challenge Corner’. Here they will be able to choose a challenge that is differentiated to stretch the learner and hopefully allow them to demonstrate rapid and sustained progress within the lesson. It takes a bit of forward planning but demonstrates excellent differentiation within lessons and independent learning too as pupils will need to select their challenge from the board.


– Ask pupils what extended challenges they feel may stretch their learning

– Get pupils to work collaboratively sharing answers once they have completed their extended learning to develop an enthusiasm for challenging themselves

– Give each task on your ‘Challenge Corner’ board a level of reward (e.g- 1 merit, 2 merits, 3 merits etc.) and see HOW far pupils will challenge themselves!

FANTASTIC Idea shared by KFR! Thank you :-)!


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