You will need

– Questions printed on paper or displayed on Smart Board

– Alternatively, nothing!

How It Works

Thunks, meaning to make you THINK, can be used in the form or a question or the use of images can help stimulate the students imagination!

Using controversial questions linking to your subject is a great way to spark conversations especially debates. Examples:

(PE) Female footballers should wear skimpier clothing on the pitch if they want to attract more publicity


(Citizenship) Dads should work and only Mother’s should stay at home.

General Questions

What colour is Monday?

Can a toddler commit a crime?

If you could take a pill that would mean you would never fail…would you?

LOADS MORE CAN BE FOUND ON THIS WEBSITE (content by User: year5thepines)

– Offer a cross-curricular starter to your class to get them engaged in different subject areas

– Give groups of pupils in your class different ‘Thunks’ to then deliver to the rest of the class

– Have different pupils chair a ‘Thunk’ to place ownership on them!


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