Sentence Hold’em Starter **WEEKLY TOP TIP**

You will need

– Packs of playing cards

How It Works

Pupils are dealt 6 playing cards each and must create a sentence related to their previous lesson using the first letter of either the number or the suit on that card. For example, if a pupil receives the eight of clubs, one of their words in the sentence must start with either an E or a C.

This task can be differentiated by challenging the more able pupils to JUST use the suits or the numbers and can be made easier by allowing lower able pupils to relate any relevant fact to one of their cards and not necessarily creating a sentence.

This activity is a great way of recapping a topic and of getting pupils to interact, work independently and can help you measure progress!

Alternatively, pupils take 4 cards and adding the numbers on the cards up (pictures= 10) they must create a sentence with that many words relating to a topic.


– Use pairs cards to make it easier for lower ability, whereby they use the pictures to create a sentence
– Could create your own deck of cards to personalise them to specific topics!


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