Call My Bluff

You will need

– Key word cards

– Potentially create ‘Bluff’, ‘Bluff’, ‘True’ cards for pupils to use!

How It Works

Get students to work in groups of 3.

Each group is given a number of key words relating to the topic/subject/exam question stem word (3 is usually a good number).

The group then have to write the correct definition and two made up definitions.

They then present their words to the class – the word is read out and then each member of the group reads a definition.

The other groups have to guess/work out which is the correct definition.  Points are given if it is guessed correctly or if no-one gets it, the group whose word it is gets the point.

This encourages students to think about explaining words/writing definitions as well as the actual meanings of words.

A very simple example:


Definition 1 – The person who reveals the plot of a novel.

Definition 2 – A person created by a writer who is in the story.

Definition 3 – The person telling the story

A great way for pupils to learn KEY VOCABULARY in your subject area


– Pupils could have a multiple choice or short answer exam question and offer the class three answers, 1 correct and the other two incorrect

– Pupils could work in groups to compete for points in a quiz-like scenario


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