Arguments or Angry Letters

You will need…

  • A sheet of paper for each pupil
  • Alternatively, use their books…

How it works

  • At the end of a lesson/ unit of work/ topic, ask pupils to write an angry letter  to another member of the class or to you or to  another member of staff complaining or arguing or angrily putting across a topic by way of revision.
  • Pupils can then deliver their letter at the end of the lesson to the class including some dramatic vocals and actions if the pupils feel up to it! It makes it a lot more interesting!
  • You can always reward prizes for the best argument but make sure you try it with a group you are confident with and don’t take any comments to heart!
  • This works on LITERACY and vocabulary and works as a fantastic revision tool! Pupils can write about similar topics but include different information to help broaden their understanding!


  • Give pupils an exam question to answer in the form of an angry letter to the exam board
  • Or get pupils to write an angry letter to the examiners about a topic or a question paper!

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